Dr. Goldbacher on Obesity

“There are lots of different things that contribute to weight difficulties”, stated Dr. Edie Goldbacher, assistant professor for LaSalle’s Psychology department. Dr. Goldbacher’s dedicated herself to helping others understand what causes obesity and how to handle weight-related issues. ”

“Unfortunately I think a lot of times people blame the individual,” Dr. Goldbacher prefaced, before later continuing “The way they put it at the Yale food center is that genetics load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger. According to Goldbacher, low availability of healthy nutritional alternatives is one of the environmental causes of obesity, along with the cost, or simply people being unaware of the healthier options. She emphasizes, “The price of a ‘Hugs’ (sugar-drink) is sometimes cheaper than a bottle of water.”

Dr. Goldbacher helps patients by providing them with self-monitoring techniques that she says are meant to “empower” them wit the confidence to keep to a program to lose weight. Despite seeing positive outcomes with helping people shed the pounds, Goldbacher warns people to keep in mind that it’s not always over after the initial programs, and that each person needs to use what works best and healthiest for them.

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