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LGU Students and Pheed Philadelphia Explore Nutrition with La Salle University

For the past few months, La Salle University and local associates have set out to better understand, educate, and provide helpful solutions to the issues with malnutrition in the Germantown area of Northwest Philadelphia. Part of those efforts have led … Continue reading

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Distribution Resolution

In ongoing efforts to improve the availability of healthy foods to the Germantown area, small independent food drives and distribution projects have arisen. Here, LaSalle students, locals and employees do their part in helping create and provide nutrition packages to … Continue reading

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Fighting the Nutrition Attrition

We all know that not everybody has a “green-thumb”, and that it’s much easier to just order a pizza or a cheesesteak from a store down the block, but what can a little bit of determination and the right resources … Continue reading

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A Stroll About (German)town

It didn’t take long to find some issues with the food circulating around the Germantown area. Here, we see a trusty “watchcat” guarding a store… a bit too close to the available food. The dogs must be guarding the meat. … Continue reading

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